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Spring 2022 Update

As we pass the second anniversary of the COVID pandemic, we continue to adjust our systems to create as much capacity as possible.

We continue to operate using a 'Phone First' service. The workload remains very high, and we appreciate your patience on those occasions when routine appointments are filled early in the day. Telephone triage and consultation enables us to work more efficiently and manage more patients than pre-covid, in keeping with current patient demand. We arrange face to face appointments during initial telephone consultation, as indicated by patient need or preference.

Please ensure you update us with any new telephone numbers and keep your phone on to receive a call throughout the day.

We are very pleased with the outcome of our recent renovation of the Health Centre. We have benefitted greatly from new lighting, heating, flooring and seating. Thank you to the team of contractors who worked to a high professional standard throughout the project.

We would like to welcome Mrs Caroline Wilson, our new Treatment room Nurse, and Mrs Clare Sturgeon, our new Clinical Pharmacist. We are delighted that they have joined the Cherryvalley team.


Although guidance regarding masks has changed in the community, we would continue to ask you to please wear a mask when within the Health Centre. We have a large number of clinically extremely vulnerable patients, some of whom attend the Treatment room regularly. They are at risk of becoming very unwell if exposed to COVID-19. We are also trying to keep our staff healthy in order to continue to keep services running.

Beechall Covid Assessment Centre

The Beechall centre is now closed. It served as a useful Hub to enable our GPs to see COVID positive patients over the last 2 years. COVID positive patients who require clinical assessment can now be seen through our Isolation room, and enter via a separate door to minimise risk to other patients.

Spring Booster Campaign

We have been authorised to offer the Spring booster to our over 75 year olds, as long as their last dose was at least 3 months previously. Unfortunately, we will only be permitted to deliver these strictly to those whose Date of Birth falls on or before 31 May 1947.

This clinic will take place on:



Cherryvalley Health Centre

We will invite those eligible directly by letter. We ask you to bring the letter along to the clinic to ensure our processes can run smoothly.

Other eligible patients (those who are immunosuppressed) will be invited for vaccination through their Hospital teams.

The Booster will be the 'Moderna' vaccine, regardless of which previous vaccines were administered.

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