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Pregnancy Care Planning

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Antenatal Care

As soon as you have a positive pregnancy test you can now self refer directly for Maternity care within the South Eastern Trust. 

You can download the self referral form here and email it to the address provided. 

Please contact the Maternity Unit if you have not received an appointment by the 12th week of your pregnancy. 

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The Pregnancy Book 2022

The Pregnancy Book provides information on many aspects of pregnancy and a list of useful organisations. It is available to expectant mothers resident in N. Ireland through primary care services. 


The book can be downloaded here


NI Maternity & Parenting

The NI Maternity and Parenting website is an excellent local resource offering up to date guidance including advice relating to COVID-19. 


Ourplace: Online Parenting Education

Online antenatal classes are now free for parents, grandparents and carers. 


Go to and use access code NIBABIES.

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