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We have been delighted to be involved in the

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, which has been vital in protecting our patient population. 

  We delivered over 3000 1st/2nd dose vaccinations from January - June 2021, and have started to roll out the COVID-19 Booster vaccination from October 2021. 


COVID-19 Booster Vaccination

  • The COVID-19 Booster offered will either be PFIZER (also known as Comirnaty), or MODERNA, regardless of whether your first 2 vaccinations were Astra Zeneca or Pfizer.   

  • The COVID-19 Booster will be offered 3 months after second vaccination (update from Dec 2021) 

  • If flu and COVID booster are due, we will offer both vaccinations at the same time. This is safe and efficient in order to protect you from both flu and COVID-19 as soon as possible.

  • We are so grateful to Knock Presbyterian Church who have supported us during the whole campaign from January 2021. Not only did they offer us their building/ carpark, but also provided volunteers from the church.  This part of the programme which requires a 15 minute wait after vaccination would be extremely challenging and slow to deliver within the confines of Cherryvalley Health Centre. 

As you can hopefully appreciate, this is a very complex vaccination programme.  We will have little flexibility in offering alternative dates for COVID-19 booster and would ask that you try to attend if possible.  Circumstances when COVID-19 booster should be delayed would be 

  1. If you are within 4 weeks of a positive COVID-19 Infection. 

  2. If you are unwell with a severe feverish illness (note mild illnesses including mild urinary infection would not preclude vaccination)

We will ask you about any severe reactions to previous vaccines or medication (for example anaphylaxis to laxatives or depot steroid injections). Please click on the DOH booklet 'Your guide to booster vaccination' for more detail. 

Please continue to refer regularly to our 'NEWS' feed for latest information on clinics being offered.  Having read all our information, if you still have queries relating to COVID19 Booster vaccination, please phone the Practice in the afternoon only.  We must keep our telephone lines open in the mornings for medical advice. 

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