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Vaccination Update Feb 2021

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

We are pleased to let you know that we have received further supply of the Astra Zeneca (Oxford) vaccine and have planned Vaccination Clinics on Thursday 4th and 11th February. These will take place at Knock Presbyterian Church. Full details of our vaccination programme can be found here.

At this stage we are calling our patients over 70 years and our Clinically Extremely Vulnerable patients via Text Message, as well as any patients >80 years who were not previously able to attend. There may be some overlap in the CEV group as the Hospital/ Trust teams are also inviting these patients for vaccination so please ensure you do not attend for both.

We understand that our patients are anxious to know when their vaccine will be offered but we would ask that you do not phone the Practice unless you have a specific medical query regarding the vaccine. We are working hard to keep this website updated and encourage you to keep checking it regularly.


The Trust Vaccination teams are now offering Vaccination (Pfizer vaccine) to our patients aged 65-69 years. Our current understanding is that we will not be in a position to offer to this group as we will not receive vaccine supply. Therefore we would encourage you either to phone 0300 200 7813 or book via the following link:

Please note that you will be asked for your Health and Care (H&C) number when booking at one of the Trust sites. This can be found on your medical card or on the right hand side of your prescription. However you will still be able to book an appointment via telephone even if you do not have your H&C number.

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